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Targeted Résumé Categories

New graduate   *   Professional   *   Executive   *   Executive Director   *   Marketing/Director

Insurance Agent   *   Real Estate Agent   *   Manufacturing  *  Aerospace   *   Teaching   *  Health

Craftsman   *   Events Management   *   Recruitment   *   Human Resources   *   Hospitality Industry

Retail Sales   *   Operations/Director   *   Sales Representative   *   Route Sales Rep   *   Food Industry

We offer many more job categories. Please contact us directly for more information  at 206.669.0144.



One of our most popular résumés is the Aerospace Résumé Package that is instrumental in successfully gaining interviews and jobs for numerous candidates of every level from entry level to professional. Your future success depends on an effective résumé focused on your specific job target. Give yourself the competitive advantage over your peers.

 √  Targeted Résumé Package Options:

  • Presentation copy of your professionally written résumé

  • Master copy of your résumé you can reproduce

  • PDF file of your résumé

  • ASCII electronic plain text copy of your résumé

  • Scannable version of your résumé

  • Expertly crafted cover letter to go with your résumé

  • Disk copy of résumé documents

  • Resume revision available for 1 week

  • Free archiving of your computer file

 √  Resume Packages:

  • Entry level 5 years and under total experience – $150.00

  • Mid level or over 5 years total experience – $250.00 

  • Senior executives and professionals – $300.00 – $850.00

 √  Additional Services:

  • Creation of cover letter, thank you letter, follow-up letter, or references page – $49.00

  • Minor revisions such as an address change minimum – $20.00

  • Revisions requiring interviewing and writing time begin at – $50.00/hour

  • Shipping fee to return your original working materials and master résumé – $10.00

  • Laser printed copies on quality résumé paper with envelopes – $1.25 per page + postage

  • Creating disk copy of your résumé – $25.00 + postage

  • Electronic résumé (ASCII, PDF) if not created with original résumé – $49.00

 We ask that you supply your old résumé, the published description of your new job target, and any helpful materials. We base your individualized résumé on fact and create it to reflect your unique abilities and personality. The resulting résumé allows your potential employer to learn who you are, appreciate your individual qualities, and believe without a doubt you are the best candidate for the job.

 Please Note:

The résumé writing process begins when résumé materials and payment of résumé package are received by My Essential Résumé.

√  The first draft is normally sent within 10-12 business days. Expedited résumé service may be available for an additional fee.

√  Transactions are finalized with delivery of your final résumé package electronically or regular mail.

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

We are “PayPal Verified” and gladly accept your payment via the safety of the PayPal link below. 

How the writing process works

Step 1:  Initial Client Consultation and Analysis

Your résumé project begins with a brief consultation to discuss key components of your background and current career goals. Please forward your current résumé, current job description and new job target description to We provide a critique of your existing résumé and  a personalized strategy for your project with a quote.

Step 2:  In-Depth Telephone or Personal Interview

Payment to PayPal is made. We schedule a telephone or personal interview at a convenient time to discuss your background in more detail in relation to your current career objectives.

Step 3:  Development of Your Résumé and Strategic Plan

We develop and write your custom résumé based on your individual and unique abilities. We do not use a template.  We will forward your initial résumé draft to you normally within 12 business days following your phone interview and receipt of all necessary documents. Failure to send needed documents may cause a delay in receiving your finished résumé.

Step 4:  Review of Your Draft, Revisions, and Completion

We’ll send your draft to you for review and schedule a session to address revisions. We will then forward the final draft for your approval. Following, your finished document package will be delivered to you electronically or in regular mail.

Your qualities must stand out in the eyes of the hiring manager. The outcome is a job interview where you can strongly reinforce the points made in your résumé.

Once you receive your comprehensive Essential Résumé, you can keep it in your file and never need to begin it from scratch again. This résumé will be tremendously valuable for moving ahead with your career progression for many years by simple updating.

Final cost of your résumé project is dependent on scope of the project. is a good place to start your job search…

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